House of the Dead III Trial

Zombie-themed light gun arcade game developed by Wow Entertainment

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    Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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    7.1 (713)

Bring home the fun and excitement of a zombie shooter game with the downloadable game House of the Dead III. Set in the same world as the previous game, it originally served as an arcade game before becoming a video game available for home use. Fans of the original franchise will get a kick out of the survival game.

House of the Dead III takes place in the futuristic world of 2019 and features the character of Dr. Curien, which ties the game together with the others in the franchise. After a former special agent disappears while on assignment, his daughter and partner come to find him. While working through the mysterious zombie world, players find themselves confronted by hundreds of creatures and zombies that are unlike those found in the previous games.

Most skilled and advanced players will find that they can beat the game and get through each of the introductory levels in less than one hour, but those who keep playing will gain access to some great and fun hidden and secret levels. Those levels let players see the game as it played on the Sega Dreamcast and other systems, and they can also unlock clips from the film "House of the Dead." Based on the first game in the series, the film received mixed reviews but did have some fans.

Though House of the Dead III is an occasionally fun game, those who played it on the PlayStation 3, Wii or XBOX will find that they prefer its original game play. While it works with most light guns, many people find it easier to play with the PlayStation Move or Wii, which records the movements of their bodies and lets them quickly dispatch zombies and move through the various levels. Playing with a light gun limits the movements of players and leave some feeling frustrated.

Despite some flaws, House of the Dead III is a fun zombie survival game for those looking for something to play with a light gun. After playing the game a second time, players can unlock hidden levels and features that add an extra dimension to the game, and those who loved the film or have not seen the film can unlock scenes that they can watch again and again. Those looking for a quick zombie game will appreciate this one.


  • The game offers a twist on the classic zombie shooter game.
  • Players unlock hidden levels and other games after playing through multiple times.
  • It recreates the excitement and adventure of the original arcade game for computer players.
  • House of the Dead III is one of the few zombie computer games playable with a light gun.


  • Advanced players will dislike how quickly they can beat the game.
  • Some players find that the game runs sluggishly and skips or freezes regularly.
  • Most reviewers found that the game did not bring anything new to the zombie survival genre and that they would rather play it on a dedicated console.

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